Site Investigations

Site Investigations

WES has over 25 years of experience conducting Site Investigations, including Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), Detailed Site Investigations (DSI), Hydrogeological Assessments, Ministry of Environment Submissions and Certifications as well as project specific soil characterization and ground investigations. At WES we recognize that no two Sites are the same, so we address each project on a Site-by-Site basis, providing detailed recommendations tailored to meet your specific requirements. WES has successfully completed over 2,500 individual Site investigations of varying complexities. WES prides itself on open and honest communication and its efficient, systematic and pragmatic approach to site investigations.  This allows us to provide fast, reliable, and effective results and services to clients.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments are the first step in assessing your Site for potential environmental liabilities. The Phase 1 ESA process includes assessing the Site and surrounding areas for historical and/or current potentially contaminating activities. Information is gathered via an on-Site visit by one of our consultants, followed by a thorough review of available historical information pertinent to the Site. If contamination is suspected to be present at the property, a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment is typically recommended to determine the presence and/or absence of contamination.

A Phase 2 ESA involves designing and implementing a subsurface investigation and sampling program to confirm the presence or absence of contamination at your Site. WES will collaborate with you in the design of a sampling plan best suited for your Site and your specific objectives considering access limitations, noise, tenant restrictions, traffic disruptions, etc.  Depending on the nature or history of the Site, testing of the soil, groundwater and/or vapours may be recommended.

If contamination is identified, a Detailed Site Investigation could be completed to quantify the extent of contamination and the potential environmental liabilities at the Site.  WES will also work collaboratively with you to develop environmental remediation solutions to meet your objectives, specifically designed to your Site, that will target the contaminant(s) of concern.

WES’ skilled professionals can also perform hydrogeological assessments which allow us to understand the nature of the contaminant(s) of concern and how they behave and move underground. By testing the hydraulic conductivity, flow velocity and direction, we are able to determine aquifer productivity while also monitoring the stability and movement of any potential contamination.

WES has extensive experience completing Site investigations under the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change guidelines. If a regulatory instrument is required for a Site, whether it be for a change in land use or redevelopment purposes, WES can prepare any report prior to submission to the Ministry of Environment to meet these regulations.

While WES is able to complete complex Site Investigations, we also understand that not everything needs to be complicated.  Sometimes all that is needed to meet a client’s objectives are a handful of soil samples to characterize soil for disposal.  WES is happy to provide environmental services for all client’s no matter the complexity or scale.

WES understands that environmental contamination on your Site can be very stressful and challenging for our clients. We approach every Site investigation with compassion, and a commitment to providing you with the solutions and most cost-effective options for remediation possible. We are here to help!


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