Land Use and Planning

Land Use and Planning

Determining the highest and best land use for a property and planning the land development can be a complicated and costly process. WES has a multidisciplinary team of experts that will provide land use planning services by assisting in making vital connections and getting the information you require, specific to your municipality and land use, in an organized and cost-efficient manner. We can provide options for the development of your property and land use management every step of the way, from initial planning stages through to completion. Our attentive team will do their best to ensure timely approvals to keep your project moving forward.

WES’ Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEPs) will provide valuable recommendations for sustainable land use practices by addressing the various biological factors that may affect the development of your property.  Does a freshwater body or stream exist on your property? Does your property require development in an environmentally sensitive ecosystem area? Does your property contain trees that are considered mature forest or land that is considered a steep slope? Is your property considered a mixed land use development? These are examples of some of the questions that WES will address to help determine the overall feasibility of development on your property. Once all supplemental information is gathered, WES will navigate the application and permitting process for you, ensuring that all regulatory requirements have been adequately met prior to development.

WES has worked with various municipalities, districts and First Nations across Vancouver Island and recognize that every governing body comes with their own unique set of guidelines and best practices to follow. We thrive in knowing that we are assisting in providing a detailed review and land use management plan while also achieving environmental compliance to meet our client’s development goals. We strive to provide practical and sustainable land use options for optimal development of your property while building lasting relationships with both public and private-sector clients.


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