Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

As development on Vancouver Island soars, federal, provincial, and municipal authorities have set specific regulations in place to minimize the impact construction has on the surrounding environment. Modern construction is done at such a rapid pace (using a team of machines) and can be on such a large scale. It’s easy for environmental harm to happen just as quickly and go completely unnoticed until it’s too late. Some examples of environmental monitoring requirements include habitat protection, air and water quality management, spill prevention, dust control, vegetation management, as well as sediment and erosion control.

Environmental planning and management begins before a project starts, taking into account what kinds of disturbance the construction activities will produce. If a project biologist has created a specific monitoring plan for your site or you want to ensure that best practices are being implemented, WES can provide third party construction monitoring services. Sediment and Erosion Control as well as Construction Environmental Management are among the construction monitoring services WES provides. Whether you are a construction company, landowner, or developer, WES will make sure your environmental goals are met and that you are abiding by applicable regulations.

Construction monitoring responsibilities typically include:

  • Communicating environmental management plan requirements to subcontractors
  • Pre-construction meetings
  • Weekly/by-weekly monitoring during construction activities
  • Report on the effectiveness of construction environmental management plan
  • Evaluate compliance of regulatory authorizations and permits
  • Communicate necessary changes to on-site staff

Environmental Monitoring services

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Construction Dewatering Permitting and Testing

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