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Wittich Environmental Services Ltd. (WES) is a locally owned, multidisciplinary team of environmental professionals focused on delivering high quality and practical environmental solutions.   Since 1997, we have conducted over 2500 projects across Vancouver Island and northern BC.  Our clients include private, commercial and industrial land owners, banks and financial institutions, First Nations and government.


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At WES we go beyond the environmental requirements of a project to connect with our clients. Focusing on the individual, business and personal needs of a given project, we value the trust and connection that forms from open communication and understanding.

We work hard to establish and maintain a trust based relationship with every client. WES has maintained many long term partnerships for more than two decades.

We are committed to sustainable growth, in our company, the environment, and our local economy. As an island-based company, we take pride in every project we complete in our community.

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